About Walk & Talk Therapy

What do you value? What is important to you? Are you showing up for yourself in those areas? You have the right to live a satisfying and rewarding life that’s free of suffering and shame. I believe in our essence, that we have 3 basic needs in this world: 1) We want to know that we matter; 2) We want to be seen for who we are; and 3) We want to know that we are loved. Sometimes however in our journey, we can feel stuck to the point of emotional stagnation, and those basic needs can seem far away. I am committed to working with you, following your lead, to a place of greater satisfaction. Whatever the case may be, you deserve to thrive, and I would love to help you through your process to a place of increased wellness and acceptance.

Walk & Talk Therapy is an innovative way to look at a traditional service. I offer a relational and psychodynamic approach with an integrative spin––the option of being able to take the therapeutic setting outdoors*, into nature. Through a combination of exploration, reflection, curiosity, action, and challenge, we can get through this together.

*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we would practice safe, respectful, and appropriate social distancing, while still creating a mutual space in which we are able to feel connected and make progress.